Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Report

I apologize to those of you watching the blog daily. We went out of town this weekend for a family get together and left the puppies in the excellent care of our good friend and house sitter Linda. I sure missed the N girls! And they seem to have missed me too, they were very excited when I went out to say hello today. We now have to watch the gate carefully when we enter and exit, they are getting quite bold! I received a wonderful report from Linda and our other volunteers when I returned. Natasha has decided that petting isn't so bad after all, and will now accept a little petting even without treats! Nora and Nina were accepting of petting all weekend too, with food. Nevada continued taking treats from people's hands all weekend. I arrived home this afternoon to find more toys that had been dropped off for puppies (Thanks Vicky!), and shortly thereafter was bombarded with puppy visitors. Mark and Steph, Dr. Merrill and family, and Senia all came out to spend time with puppies this afternoon. Thank you to Dr. Merrill for the new toys! The puppies are having a hey day with all the new objects to play with. The visits today went wonderful. I watched from the window and observed Nora, Natasha and Nina climbing over peoples' laps, playing with toys and accepting some petting. At one point there were 4 people sitting in the pen at once and the puppies did great! Nevada was out and about with everyone else and taking treats from all the strangers. I'll have some great photos to post in the next day or so of the puppies accepting petting.

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