Friday, February 3, 2012

Are these the same puppies?

We had another successful session today. While I fed them yummy treats I was again able to repeatedly pet Nina, Nora and Natasha. Natasha still doesn't like it when I touch her, yet she comes right back for more. After the treats were gone the three of them climbed all over me and played, and Natasha plunked right down next to my leg like we were old buddies. It was very hard not reaching down to pet her when she did that, but it would have ruined the moment. Nevada took several treats from my hand and I lightly stroked her chin while she was doing that. More visitors this afternoon (Thank you Mark and Jacki!). Jacki brought the puppies some great new toys which they are already having a blast playing with and hoarding in their dog house. Here is a picture of Jacki interacting with Natasha and Nora, only a short time after entering the pen, and even with a strange chair and Mark standing up nearby. Nora is begging for more treats!

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