Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nina and Nevada training session

We have had more successful sessions today. Nevada now jumps on me when she's excited to see me or when I'm walking around the pen cleaning up. We had what I consider to be a major breakthrough with her today. With every single treat I gave her she accepted petting on her head and neck, and several times I continued petting as she chewed up her treat and she never once moved away. This was with me standing and bending over them, which is a more dominant posture than me sitting or kneeling. With Nina I worked on suspending her front end, and reaching over to the other side of her body, as well as petting without food. She did well also. They are really starting to progress in leaps and bounds now that they're not competing for attention with their other two sisters. And speaking of...
I have been receiving daily updates on Natasha and Nora who are doing well indoors at Emily and Carol's. They continue to accept more and more handling, and not only accept it, but seek it out. Unfortunately Nora hurt her leg climbing out of the ex pen, so today's goal was introducing her to a crate to help keep her quieter. She is using her leg and putting weight on it, but if things don't look better by tomorrow she will be making a trip to the vet. I worry about this for multiple reasons, not only about the leg itself, but also how scary a visit like this will be for her.

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