Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Petting Progress

The puppies are having another great day. My training session with the puppies today went very well. Nevada was coming right up to my legs to get treats, and she always wags her tail now when I approach the pen. Natasha, Nora and Nina were all accepting a lot of repeated petting, all over their backs, heads and sides. When the food was gone I played tug of war using my glove with Natasha and Nora, and they both continued to accept petting on their bodies and are even starting to look like they enjoy it! Natasha gave me several kisses on the face, and Nora brought her face up to mine several times. They've had two other visitors today so far (Thanks Sue and Senia!), and I watched them accept petting and climb all over the laps of their visitors. Nevada accepted treats from both too. I admit I'm feeling pressured to push this a little farther tomorrow. My goal will be to try picking up Nora and Natasha, giving them treats if they will accept them, then putting them down again, and repeating the process. The sooner they can accept this type of handling, the sooner they can be brought into the house for socializing, vaccinating, and eventually adoption. From the beginning with these puppies I've walked a very fine line, between pushing them to meet important goals, yet not pushing them so much that they are traumatized by it. I can't express how grateful I am to all the volunteers who show up here daily to spend time socializing them - every single positive experience they have right now is important.

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  1. You should be proud of their success. Most people wouldn't have put in the effort.