Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Major Accomplishments!

I took my Collie Paige out for a brief visit, and I had some sliced up venison sticks for the puppies. My goal for the session was for Nina to take a treat from me, as she had come very close this morning. The puppies were very excited to see Paige and swarmed around her when we entered the pen. I squated on the ground with venison treats in hand. I started giving a few to Paige and within seconds Natasha was eating as many as I could give her. Less than a minute later Nina was taking treats from my hand!! She ate several. Nora and Nevada were close but wouldn't quite get close enough. After they (Paige, Natasha and Nina) had eaten all of the treats, Nina and Natasha started cleaning off my fingers. Before I knew it all 4 puppies were licking my hand as I was talking to them!! Wow, what a huge step for them!! I sat there for a few minutes while they played with Paige. During that time both Natasha and Nina came up to me several times to sniff my jeans. I talk to them a lot but try not to look directly at them and I always stay still when they are that close to me. What I love seeing more and more are their little tails wagging - the first day all tails were tucked constantly. When I got up to leave they all bounced back a few steps but stayed outside. After I closed the gate I leaned over and reached my fingers through the fence, and both Natasha and Nina came over and licked my fingers, then Nina by herself. All I can say is WOW! These puppies are amazing, I am so proud of them. They have several new visitors coming this afternoon which will be good for them. I will also try to take a short video of me working with them today.

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