Friday, February 3, 2012

Demonstration of their progress

The puppies had another new visitor this morning. Btw, I am touched by the number of people who have been coming out to sit with the puppies everyday or bring them new toys or treats. Every single positive experience they have with people is important! The puppies have visitors scheduled all weekend and more this afternoon. One of our foster volunteers, Esley, stopped by with a box of toys for the puppies and went out to the pen to see them for a few minutes. This is a photo of Esley kneeling down by the pups only a few seconds after she entered the pen. Natasha, Nina and Nora immediately came to eat out of her hand, and Nevada came close. She was using plain kibble, and they were this eager to come to her. Good puppies!

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  1. Here is a note from one of our volunteers Sarah...
    02.02.12: Randy and I visited the Wild Puppies. what a fascinating pack they are! they were immediately interested in the toys that we brought. three of them had a good old tug-of-war with a rope toy. another one jumped when the ball *squeaked*. Nora was most interested in the kibble we offered. Nina ate some kibble, then tried to snatch the end of the leash that was draped around my neck. when I tugged the end back, Nina lunged to grab it again. this was quite a bold intrusion into my personal space. otherwise, they were more interested in the toys (in their house) and kept a close eye on us. when we left, two of them came all the way out in their pen to watch us.