Thursday, February 16, 2012

Natasha and Nora's first day update

Natasha and Nora did great their first night indoors. I got an update first thing this morning from Emily, and I quote, "they're running around the entire house like they own the place!" In other words, they are doing fantastic and loving their new home. The differences between them and the average puppy at this age, is that these two will startle over some movements and they are not used to the handling that most puppies have had by now. But they are bridging that gap quickly. Over the next few days Emily and Carol will continue socializing them to indoor living, more handling, getting them used to wearing collars, and once the puppies are comfortable with those things, they will be placed up for adoption. Of course we will be very selective about those homes. Because of their background and need for continued socialization, we will only adopt out to homes where people will be home with the puppy most of the time, ideally have at least one other friendly dog, and no kids. It may take a little while for the ideal homes to come along, but we'll wait until they do!

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  1. Anyone would be lucky to have either of these two as pets--I mean family members;-). After all they have been through I'm sure they will be willing to love and be loved!