Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on Natasha and Nora

I've received two updates already on Natasha and Nora. Other than a little car sickness, the drive to their new foster home went smoothly. Emily had her fingers through the crate door and the girls spent the ride giving her kisses and nuzzling her fingers. When they arrived home the crate was carried into the house and placed in the puppy pen with the crate door open. Emily sat in the pen and within minutes both puppies were out exploring their new area. Within the hour the puppies were playing with toys, relaxed and content. All I can say is Wow! again. I am so happy and amazed that they have made this adjustment so quickly. I expected it to take days, not minutes!! The puppies are further along than I thought, and at this rate the two of them will be ready soon for adoption to special homes.

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