Friday, February 17, 2012

Nevada and Nina Progress Report

Since Natasha and Nora left, the remaining two puppies have been doing well. We have continued to work with Nina on petting, which she is very good about accepting if there are treats involved. She has also started accepting a little petting without the use of food. My goal for the session this afternoon was to start accustoming Nevada to touching/petting. As she ate treats I would lightly run my hand over the top of her head or under her chin. She accepted it a few times, although I can't say she liked me doing it. Regardless, it is a positive step. I would expect that as she gets used to me doing it, and with the use of some very high value treats, she will be more accepting and learn to eventually enjoy it, like Nora and Natasha have.

Meanwhile at Emily and Carol's home, Nora and Natasha are learning about manners, sitting and coming when called, and they are doing great! They are very food motivated and eager to please, which makes them quite easy to train. They are also doing very well with house training.

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