Monday, February 20, 2012

New Neighbors

Nevada and Nina are quite fascinated with their new kennel neighbors, a litter of 4 springer mix puppies, who have arrived here for temporary foster care. They have spent the afternoon barking at them and trying to play with them through the fence. We had a good training session this morning. I worked with Nevada toward the same goals as yesterday - petting on the head and jumping on my lap. She did well with both again. She still doesn't particularly like me touching her yet, but she stays there and tolerates it to get treats - that's progress. While I was cleaning up the yard this morning I felt one of the puppies jumping on me from behind and I turned around to find Nevada, not the one I was expecting it to be! She has definitely become more comfortable with me in all contexts, and finally no longer backs up when I stand up or bend over. Nina did fantastic in her training today also. I began teaching her to sit on command, and also to sit politely for petting - she excelled. I worked on suspending her front feet off the ground while I gave her treats, as well as handling her front feet - she did great with everything. I think Nina is very close to being ready to be moved indoors.

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