Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heartwarming Moment

The girls were so tired last night! Except for feeding I left them alone for the evening -they had five separate visitors yesterday over the course of the afternoon! Not only were they pooped out, they were full. :-) They did great with everyone, accepted treats and petting, but by the end of the day just wanted to hang out more than anything. This morning I had a very heartwarming experience. After the puppies finished eating their breakfast, they came over to me to say an official morning hello. For the first time I was able to bend over and pet Natasha, like I would do with any other puppy or dog. Then I squated down and Natasha, Nina and Nora jumped all over me and accepted some petting. Nevada came over to sniff me and say hello too, although I didn't try to reach out to her. This was all without treats. It was so touching to be able to interact with them this way, it makes all this "work" so worthwhile.

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