Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moving Day

A big day planned today. Over the past several days Natasha and Nora have continued to progress to a point where it's necessary for them to take the next big step. I have continued working with them on picking them up for a few seconds at a time, as well as putting my hand under their chests and suspending their front feet off the ground while I feed them treats. Now that the puppies want to interact with people so much, it's becoming increasingly difficult to work with them 4 at a time. This afternoon we will be transferring Natasha and Nora to one of our other wonderful foster homes, with Emily and Carol, where they will be moved indoors and socialized to indoor living. My expectation is that they will take a couple of days to settle in and start to develop some positive associations with living indoors, but then they will progress quickly. I will continue with regular updates on their progress on this blog. This will allow for much more individual attention for Nina and Nevada who have been left in the dust a little bit. It's difficult to give the two of them attention when Nora and Natasha are in your lap. :-) I also expect that this move will be stressful at first for Nina and Nevada, who will see their littermates leave the pen, and will no longer have their brave sisters to be the leaders, when it comes to interacting with people. After a few days of adjustment I am hoping that they will begin to progress much faster also. I will keep you all posted on how this afternoon goes.

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