Saturday, February 11, 2012

Exciting Accomplishments!

Nora and Nevada made some very exciting steps today. Mark came for his daily visit and Nora accepted Mark holding her on his lap for several seconds, before she decided that was enough. Nevada actually untied his shoestring and played with it! These are big steps for both girls in their comfort levels. During my afternoon session I took hamburger treats with me. First of all, I couldn't even sit down without Natasha, Nora and Nina climbing on me instantly, and Nevada right there too. While I fed Nora hamburger I was able to put my arm around her, pull her gently to me and lift her up slightly, and she never stopped eating! She LOVES hamburger. :-) Natasha did well with petting all over, with or without food, although I did not try to pick her up again, primarily because I had so many puppies on my lap at once. I had a good petting session with Nina and required her to let me pet her down her back legs and reach over her back to get the hamburger. After a little hesitation she decided it was worth it. Nevada came right up to me to get all her treats and even stood for a few seconds while I stroked her under the chin. Monday is the day I am going to bring Nora and Natasha in the house and start keeping them indoors except for potty and play breaks outside. I feel they are ready and once they get used to being inside (with the help of lots of treats and toys) I think they will progress faster than ever. That will also allow us to do more one on one work with Nina and Nevada, who I fear are getting left behind a bit, especially Nevada.

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