Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3rd Morning Progress Report

Every morning it's a treat to walk out to the puppies with their breakfast and say, "Good Morning Puppies!", and see what their reaction is. Today was no exception. The puppies actually got excited to see me coming, all four of them! They jumped around and barked and stayed out of their dog house while I entered the pen. Only when I bent over to set the food bowls down did they run into the dog house (except for Natasha). As soon as I backed away from the bowls a few feet they immediately came out and started eating. Nevada would occasionally glance at me standing there and back away from her bowl a step or two, but then would come back right away. My second visit out was to clean up the yard. Have I mentioned how much I hate spring melts! I suspect all dog owners do. The puppies followed me around while I cleaned up, not getting too close but staying within 10 feet usually. Several times I turned around to find Natasha right on my heels. My Rottweiler Noel was loose in the yard outside the puppy pen and the puppies were fascinated with her too. Nevada especially seems to be drawn to other dogs and this will be a great help for working with her. Once while I was picking up I turned around to find Nevada following me all by herself! Natasha ate several treats from my hand, and I could even bend over and give her treats. By the end of the visit she would run right over as soon as she saw me bend down and put my hand out. Nina got VERY close. She was eating treats off the ground right at my feet and then would look up at me, seemingly asking for more. Of course I obliged and dropped one on the ground every time she looked at me. This was with me standing the entire time. This morning Nora was the most reserved, although she would always run over when I dropped a handful of kibble on the ground. I was happy to see how much braver Nevada was, and Nina is progressing in leaps and bounds! Natasha hangs out with me very close now, even when I'm not throwing treats she wants to follow me around. My heart goes out to these puppies, they are so brave and trying so hard!

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