Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Busy Afternoon

Well it's true, the puppies officially have a busier social schedule than I do. They had 4 visitors this afternoon (Thank you Mark, Sue, Emily and Carol!) and I think I'll have to cut back a bit on their dinner this evening! Today had been an amazing day for them, meeting new people, learning to take treats directly from human hands, and playing with adult dogs. They have stepped up to the challenge. Here are a couple of photos taken from my living room window of the puppies getting hamburger treats from Emily and Carol this afternoon. You can see in one picture how close Nevada is - what an accomplishment for the day! We still have to be calm when we're interacting with them, any quick movements and they retreat, but rather than hiding in their dog house, now they come right back! Mark said Natasha was very disappointed when she came to get a treat out of his hand and there weren't any left, so she walked away. They are beginning to associate humans with very good things, and that is the goal.

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