Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good Progress This Afternoon

It was a good afternoon training session with the puppies. Thank you Mark for taking the photos, it's impossible to take photos of myself petting puppies when I'm trying to juggle treats at the same time! As usual I used food and required them to allow me to pet them to get the treats. Natasha did much better this afternoon, and was quite willing to be touched. Nora and Nina did fantastic again, and I was even stroking them down their back legs and to the base of their tails. All three accepted a little bit of petting even without food. I usually had 2-3 puppies on my lap at a time, all trying to get the food, but I only gave it to the one who was being touched. I had a special brief moment with Nora when she sniffed me right on my nose. Then a few minutes later Natasha did the same thing! Both of these instances were without the presence of food. Nevada did well again also, coming very close to me to get treats and not retreating as soon as she got them. Slowly but surely she is coming along. She sits close by and watches while I pet the other three, I'm hoping that this will help her see that I'm not there to hurt her.

Nevada waiting for her treat....

Natasha and Nora climbing on my lap...

Petting Nora

Petting Nina

Petting Natasha

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