Monday, January 30, 2012

Introduction of New Toys

This was my 4th trip out this morning, to give the puppies some new and different toys to play with. My 3rd trip was to pick up the yard (boy puppies poop a lot!). I figured the presence of me carrying a shovel and a big bucket wasn't something the girls would be thrilled with, so while I was working I threw a handful of kibble on the ground every time I passed the opening of the dog house. Lo and behold, while I was at the other end of the pen cleaning up, Nora and Nevada came out and ate while I worked. Nora stayed out and curiously watched me, until I headed back in her direction. On my way out I tossed one last handful of kibble on the ground, which they came out quickly and ate. So my next trip was with new toys. I tossed the toys on the ground about 10 feet from the opening of their dog house and left to go inside. I took these photos through my living room window as I watched them explore the strange new objects in the pen...

This is the first photo, Nina came out first to investigate!

Natasha passed her and made it to the toy first...

Success! Natasha dragged her treasure back to the dog house to show off.

Nina is trying to get up the courage to go investigate the rest of the toys..

A little closer...

Meanwhile Nora is looking on curiously to see what happens and Nevada has gotten Natasha's toy..

Got it!

Nina lays down to enjoy her new find while the other engage in a great game of tug of war.

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