Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Morning Puppies!

I saw some new great things happening my first visit out this morning to give them their breakfast. The puppies are starting to get used to the back door sounds and aren't running for cover every time. When I went out this morning with their food I talked to them as usual. Most of them ran into their dog house but Natasha stayed out even after I started opening the gate into their pen. Only when I turned toward the dog house to set their food down did she run in. This time I decided to try staying in the pen while they ate, and I sat down on the igloo in the usual spot. Every puppy immediately came out and ate and stayed there until they were finished, even with me occasionally speaking. After eating Natasha walked to me within 5 feet, her curiousity about me is growing. There were some major steps taken with Nina, who stayed out the entire time I was in the pen and didn't retreat to my voice, only when I stood up to leave. Nora even picked up their red rubber treat ball and carried it around while I sat there. That may not seem like a big deal, since we usually take these things for granted, but it demonstrates a certain level of comfort in the puppies. I'll take more photos some time today.

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