Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2nd Morning

Wow, what a difference between yesterday morning and today! This morning when I went out for my first visit with their breakfast, the puppies stayed out and barked excitedly at me when I approached. When I entered the pen Natasha stayed out of the dog house while the rest ran in, and she sat calmly in front of it. I put their food bowls down and backed off about 5-6 feet, and stayed standing facing them. All 4 puppies came out and ate with me standing up and being that close (and facing them head on!). That's a huge step that I wasn't sure if they could handle yet. Last night for their evening meal I stayed standing also, but was turned sideways. I've made 4 visits out already this morning for feeding, watering, yard clean up and photo shoot. :-) Natasha now stays consistently out of the dog house when I'm moving around and passing near it to exit the yard. I ignore her when I'm doing this and don't try to reach out for her, that would scare her right in. When I was picking up the yard, the puppies followed me around and investigated my bucket, always staying about 10 feet away from me (except Natasha who will come within 5 feet usually). It is clear that Natasha is playing a very important role for these puppies right now. If she approaches something or someone new, then they will approach. If she doesn't, they don't. Nevada is so far the greatest concern as she remains the shyest and most reserved. Nina has made the most progress, as she was extremely shy when she arrived two days ago and is getting braver and braver all the time. Here is the photo of them hanging out this morning with me in my usual spot on the igloo. I was talking to them the entire time and making noises for picture taking. They seemed pretty comfortable with me talking to them, another huge improvement. They were full of treats and were just hanging out watching things. From left to right is Nora, Nevada (peeking out), Natasha, and Nina. Are they beautiful or what??

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