Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Night Puppies

Boy it's really hard not being able to go out and scoop up those puppies to bring them into the house tonight. I went out earlier and gave them their evening meal. I was concerned about Nina getting enough to eat if I stayed in the pen, so instead I placed the bowls in front of the opening to their dog house and left until they were done eating. When I went back out to gather the bowls I saw Nina eating so I feel a little more relieved about that. The puppies all have thick fluffy coats so monitoring their weight without being able to touch them is going to be tricky. I went back out at bed time and tossed some treats into the dog house while I talked to them. After I moved a few feet back I heard them crunching on them. The only time they've had people reaching for them in the past is by strangers trying to catch them, so I want to start developing positive associations with hands coming toward them. Tomorrow is a new day and I look forward to spending time with them again, and introducing our dog Paige into the equation. We've seen a lot of good signs already in the first day, although it may be a long journey ahead.

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